Can a Divorce Mediator Really Be Neutral?

by | Jul 5, 2021

YES! A divorce Mediator can easily stay neutral because they are trained to be sympathetic to the needs of both parties. Mediators focus on each individual’s issues, surrounding the matters most important to them. Concerns such as child custody and time-sharing, property division, financial matters and more, can be discussed with the Mediator who can help guide the couple to a peaceful resolution.

The divorce process will be incredibly stressful, so going through this with a Mediator can greatly reduce the stress during this very emotional time. Mediation avoids having discussions about the personal aspects of your life in a non-personal setting like a courtroom, where decisions are made for you, not with you. It can also avoid the stress of the high cost of litigation, which makes divorce more nerve-racking.

Working with a Mediator also saves your children from the stress of a courtroom setting. This is a huge benefit and can make the divorce process a less traumatic experience. The Mediator also has more flexibility in scheduling times where they can meet with clients to resolve their important issues.

Discussions with the Mediator, in a private setting, one on one, also manages the tensions that can arise when talking about significant issues. While the Mediator cannot make decisions for you, they are skilled at resolving conflicts and clearing the lines of communication between disagreeing spouses.

They keep all the discussions on track, help each spouse voice their own needs, act as a referee so each party feels that they are being heard, and have tools to help avoid unpleasant moments when discussing these highly emotional issues, making things flow more smoothly.

The Mediator can also be very instrumental in assuring that the financial well-being of both parties is taken care of. By teaming up with divorce professionals such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, they ensure that the clients’ important financial questions are answered. The CDFA® can demonstrate the short- and long-term benefits of specific settlement options and educate clients on various property division scenarios, thereby taking the uncertainty out of financial concerns.

Your divorce will be an emotionally intense and highly stressful period. It will make logical decision-making more difficult. At such a critical time, avoiding potential financial disaster is crucial.

Through professional and proper guidance concerning financial matters, the CDFA® and Mediator working together can help ensure financial security for both parties, as they move into the next phase of their lives.


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