Step Five To Financially Prepare For Your Divorce

by | Nov 13, 2017

Step # 5 – How can I be creative, clever, and patient throughout the entire divorce process?

Creative is an adjective meaning “relating to, or involving the imagination or original ideas to develop something different.”

It also means “managed, so as to get around legal or conventional limits.”

You and your current spouse are working to create a new future. Strive to self-determine your own best outcome and come to an agreement that you can both “live in to, and up to.” That is, a doable and durable long term agreement.

Ask yourself; “Who has more choice – my spouse and I, or a judge? Your honest answer should then dictate your actions.

When “what-if situations” pop into your head, write them all down in a central location, so they don’t get lost in your emotions.

Consult with your Attorney and Divorce Financial Consultant as to any and all possibilities – no matter how “out there” you feel they may be. Actively seek out their ideas and advice…don’t be afraid to ask!

Keep in mind what’s most important to you, as you look to come out the other side.

Know the true value of what you may be holding out for, and consider the potential cost in money and time to “fight” for it. If it doesn’t ultimately make its way over to you, is that something you can live with?

Think about how your children will perceive and remember this situation, and how your actions will ultimately affect their future.

Bottom line….the divorce process is temporary. Don’t lose yourself and your dignity in it. Be proud of the person you are, and who you are becoming.

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The Most Important Priorities In Your Divorce

Identify Your Priorities, Before Having Any Discussion With Your Spouse

Knowing your priorities will help you be confident in what to ask for, and what you can live without.

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