Step Four To Financially Prepare For Your Divorce

by | Oct 24, 2017

Step # 4 – Decide to keep things business like, and to negotiate with a level head.

Business like – “to carry out tasks efficiently without wasting time or being distracted by other concerns; systematic and practical”.

Level headed – “being calm and sensible, realistic and mature, and having one’s feet firmly on the ground.”

You may wonder “Can I be that type of person, when my spouse has hurt me so badly or is acting like a jerk?”

Well, have you ever been so stressed out that you couldn’t think straight or you lost track of your thoughts? Is being in that “head space” position during this most difficult time, a productive place for you?

It’s crucial to show up every day…as the best person you can be. There are many significant and far-reaching decisions to make, ahead of you.

a. Document the one most important thing for you to achieve throughout your divorce process and place it in a readily visible location. Wake up to it as a daily reminder to keep you centered and focused.

b. Stay organized and purposeful with your thoughts. Keep a journal or list of open items to discuss, and record the clever and original solutions the universe makes known to you.

c. Seek professional emotional support for yourself and your children. Have a trusted confidant in your corner and available when times get tough. Express yourself openly and privately to them, and seek out their best techniques for relaxation and reflection.

d. Boost your confidence by giving yourself regular time away from the process, to mentally note your progress so far and subsequent steps to consider.

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