What Military Spouses Need to Know About a Military Divorce

A military divorce has some unique considerations that differ from a civilian divorce.  An example of which is that in a military divorce, federal rules govern eligibility for a Former Spouse to lifetime medical care, which state courts cannot dictate. Also, federal...

Where Do I Start When Dividing Retirement Accounts in a Divorce?

One of the more complex parts of a divorce is the division of retirement accounts. Whether it's a military pension, IRA, or an employer-sponsored plan, the first steps are to list and confirm those accounts, determine when the accounts were opened, whose name they are...

Military Divorce: How Can I Keep My Dignity?

Divorce is always a challenging journey. For those in the military or married to someone in the military, divorce comes with its own set of unique considerations. Here are some tips to help military families navigate the divorce process with respect, open...

Divorce: What Is A QDRO? Why Do I Need One?

Divorce is a complex process. It's especially complex when dividing retirement plans. One essential element is the use of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO. Let's delve into what a QDRO is, its significance in a divorce, and why it's an important part of...

Divorce: What About The House?

One of the most important decisions in a divorce is how to handle the house. For many couples this is the biggest asset in their family’s estate.  But before any decisions can be made it is important to gather a significant amount of background information.  This...

Is a Military Divorce Different?

A divorce that involves someone that is in the military or that has a military pension, encompasses some crucial elements that are different from a civilian divorce. These elements include the division of a current military pension when the service member is already...

Divorce and Your Retirement Funds

If you or someone you know is contemplating divorce, one of the most common questions to be answered is “What’s this going to mean for my retirement funds, my pension, and my future lifestyle?”. To best answer this, start with having a clear understanding of your...

Collaborative Divorce

The unthinkable has happened- you or your spouse decided to pursue a divorce. Now what? It’s time for a long, contentious slog in court with fighting, bickering, and hefty fees, right?

What if there was another way – private, non-adversarial, potentially less costly, and much better for your family as a whole? Going to court is not the only way to get through a divorce. In fact, there are a few ways to avoid costly court divorces. Let’s take a look at one of them – the Collaborative Divorce Process to see if it’s a right fit for you.

The “Frozen Benefits” Rule

In an effort to standardize benefit divisions and “simplify” military divorces, Congress enacted the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (NDAA 17). The new rule applies to those service members still serving (active-duty, National Guard, or Reserves), divorced after December 23rd, 2016, and is known as the “Frozen Benefit Rule” … which made divorce much more complicated for all parties involved.

The Gray Divorce Podcast – Military Divorce with Special Guest David Smith (Lt. Col. ret.)

Military Divorce is a different creature than civilian divorce and has a particular set of rules and regulations, as might befit the military! On this episode of The Gray Divorce Podcast Andrew Hatherley and I untangle the various rules and benefits that apply to couples in military divorce.

Three Serious Divorce Mistakes

Three Serious Divorce Mistakes

Three Serious Divorce Settlement Mistakes  When you are facing a life changing transition such as divorce, what do you think you will find more valuable:  Someone to make you feel a little better by hinting that nothing has to change, or someone who will give it to...

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A Few Common Money Mistakes in Divorce

A Few Common Money Mistakes in Divorce

For most people, the divorce process is emotionally draining and mentally exhausting. It can be a time of feeling frozen, numb, or moving in circles. But despite those feelings, you will be expected to go through your finances with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that...

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Five Priorities For When Your Divorce Becomes Final

Five Priorities For When Your Divorce Becomes Final

After an emotional roller coaster, you have FINALLY received that 8 ½ by 11 manila envelope containing your Final Judgement/Divorce Decree, signed by the judge. You are officially a single person once again. You may celebrate or you may mourn, BUT … it’s time to...

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The Most Important Priorities In Your Divorce

Identify Your Priorities, Before Having Any Discussion With Your Spouse

Knowing your priorities will help you be confident in what to ask for, and what you can live without.

Worksheet My Priorities